Instructions for visa issuance procedures

If all articles are not provided at initial submission it will be considered incomplete and will NOT be processed until all articles are received.

The Afghan visa will be issued to foreign nationals who want to travel to Afghanistan for Business, Work or Tourism purposes.

Documents required for applying for the visa:

1. Applicant’s passport (Date of expiration of the passport must be at least
six months plus the period of the visa for which being applied)

2. Filled out visa application complete and answer all the question properly. Application needs to be NOTARIZED (Effective March 9th 2017) Click here to download an application

3. Two photos with white background and size of 4.5 x 5 cm (2×2 inch) and no older than six months

Applicants who want to apply for Tourist Visa must submit their signed request letter and a paper from one of the travel agency’s confirming the purpose of travel.

Applicants applying for Work Visa should be below the age of retirement
(65 to 70) and must provide their educational documents along with the

visa application, Invitation or introduction letter from whom being invited to travel to Afghanistan for working purpose (Including passport information,purpose of the traveling and duration of stay of the applicant), additionally they should also have a confirmation letter from Consular Affairs Directorate General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of I.R of Afghanistan.

For those who intend to travel to Afghanistan for Investment and Business purposes, can apply for the Afghan Business Visa by providing the following documentations:

Introduction or permission letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chamber of Commerce of other related official bodies
Work permit and business license
Address of the respective company
Documents of type of commercial activities, payment of taxes and bank account number

Journalist visa applicants must apply for their visas two weeks prior to the time of their traveling.

Diplomatic and Official visas are without charge and must include a verbal note from inquiring Government Office/Mission

United States citizens who intend to travel to Afghanistan for the above mentioned purposes will be issued multiple-entry visa, for the processing fee of 160 U.S. Dollars

Urgent Visas: Applicants can receive a multiple entry visa with fee of 200 U.S. Dollars, in less than 48 hours

It may take longer in exceptional circumstances..

Please note: All U.S. Government and NATO contractors will be required to pay 360 U.S. Dollars, for a one year multiple entry visa.

Urgent Visas: U.S. Government and NATO contractors Applicants can receive a one year multiple entry visa with fee of 400 U.S. Dollars, in less than 48 hours.

It may take longer in exceptional circumstances.


(All fees must be paid with MONEY ORDER ONLY)


Payable to the Order of: Consulate General of Afghanistan in Los Angeles

MAIL: All above requirements are to be sent by CERTIFIED mail, also include a prepaid, self-addressed return envelope. You may use Certified mail, Registered U.S.mail, and Federal Express or UPS shipping envelopes. Tracking number must be present on envelope to assure arrivals to our office; it is your responsibility to track your packages

NOTE:Although the information on this website has been prepared with utmos care.However, regulations and requirements are subject to change.