Requirements for a New Passport

New Digital Passport (Effective September 22,2014)

A passport is an official document that is issued to citizens of a certain country by the competent authorities in accordance to the law in order to allow them to travel abroad and return to the country.

Any individual, who wants to travel to or from Afghanistan, is obligated under international law to have a valid passport or travel document.

An Afghan citizens who are residing outside the country and in accordance with the law is planning to travel abroad, after assurance of his/her Afghan citizenship and identity, can be provided with a valid passport with the validity of 5 years in submission of fixed fees.

Issuance of a New Digital Passport

An Afghan Passport will be issued to those Afghans whose Afghan citizenship has been proven through official documents, which will be verified with the Consulate General of Afghanistan. Afghan passports will be issued in accordance to their national ID (Taskera) that is registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Afghanistan.

For issuance of an Afghan passport, the applicant’s presence is mandatory in the Consulate General of Afghanistanl.

The Consulate General of Afghanistan in Los Angeles will NOT issue passports in absence of any applicant.

If all articles are not provided at initial submission it will be considered incomplete and will NOT be processed until all articles are received.

Documents required for obtaining digital passport:

It is mandatory to have original Afghan National ID (Taskera) (duly attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan)
(Copy will not be accepted)

The following documents are required.
Original Tazkira with the verification of deportment of Population in afghanistan,(Copy will not be accepted)
Previous Afghan Passport,
(copy of Green Card (front and back), ( Proof of US residency )

Thus, Afghan citizens who do not have a national ID ( Taskera ) need to apply for Afghan absentia Taskera. For more information about absentia Tazkera please visit our website other documents page.

If your passport has been lost or stolen, please submit an original police report with your application and a copy of your passport and original afghan Natiional ID (Taskera).

Note:It is mandatory to have “FAMILY NAME”or”LAST NAME” filled correctly.

2. Three passport photos 4/4.5 cm (2×2 inch) with white background. No older than six months.

3. An original signature of applicant will be taken on the designated box on the second page of the

passport application in the Consulate of
Afghanistan in Los Angeles.

4. Applicant’s finger prints will be taken digitally in the Consulate of Afghanistan in Los Angeles.

5. The fee for digital passport is $120.00 (Effective June 8,2015) which should be in the form of a (money order) payable to The Consulate General of Afghanistan in Los Angeles.

6. Shipping

A passport shipping fee from Consulate General of I. R. of Afghanistan in New York to Consulate General of I. R. Afghanistan in Los Angeles should be in the form of a separate money order payable to the Consulate General of I. R. Afghanistan in Los Angeles is required.

A passport shipping fee: $10.00
Also include a prepaid, self-addressed return envelope. You may use certified mail, registered U.S. mail, and Federal Express or UPS shipping envelopes. Tracking numbers must be present on envelope. It is your responsibility to track your packages.

Processing Time:
The new digital passport normally takes 7 to 15 business days. It may take longer in exceptional circumstances.

7. A written request.


8. A completed new passport application form in Dari/Pashto and English. (must be typed)

Passport Application form

(must be typed)


(All fees must be paid with MONEY ORDER ONLY)
Payable to the Order of: Consulate General of Afghanistan in Los Angeles
NOTE: Digital passports are not extendable.

NOTE: Although the information on this website has been prepared with utmost care. However, regulations and requirements are subject to change. Test